The beautiful aftermath

I released my book a week ago today. I’m still excited when I touch the cover and see my name in it. I still shiver when I see the words that I selected for each page and the layout I painstakingly worked on for months that came to life the way I wanted. My heart feels lighter when I see how many people have supported me on this crazy ride. You are all crazy and I adore each and every one of you. I truly do.

If you ordered a book or postcard and are awaiting its delivery, they will be going out this week. You should see them very shortly. The book is available to purchase right now through my Facebook page if you haven’t gotten a copy just yet. I have a few more things I’m working on for this book and its promotion in the next couple weeks (Father’s Day is coming up) so stay tuned. Also stay tuned as I begin to pull together my next book! Believe it or not, I plan to publish that one quicker.

I wrote the original piece that ended up being this book four years ago as of March 10th. I often tell myself that the first book is always a bear. It takes awhile to get a book out there when its your first one because you’re learning a lot. You’re figuring it all out.

I spent three of those four years figuring out who I was as a writer. Six months working with my illustrator to perfect the layout and six months getting the book out the door. Three years figuring out who I was as a writer on a book I’d already finished? Imposter syndrome.

I convinced myself that if other people weren’t as excited as I was about my art that it couldn’t possibly be worthy of publication. The truth is that NO ONE is going to champion your art the way you do. I sat on a piece of work that I knew was special for over three years because I was scared of being a phony. I was scared that my idea of what this book was couldn’t be a reality. I was scared to become the person I’ve been striving to become because once you become that person…you’re out of excuses. You’re suddenly good enough. You’re qualified enough. You’ve done it before. Now what’s your excuse for not succeeding?

What excuse can I use now? I did it.