The Process

So here we are at January 4th. The funds were delivered to me about a week ago and I've gotten the ball rolling with the company I've decided to move forward with, Pufferprint. I've had to speak with my illustrator multiple times about getting my files modified to a specific format in order for the book to look exactly the way it needs to when it comes to print. If any of you follow my Instagram page (, you've seen that I've also been working toward getting an eReader version off the ground. This has slowed things down considerably.

What many of you know is that my illustrator is an online resource I obtained through (here is my referral code if you decide to try this site out for yourself. I've had nothing but positive experiences so far! ). Anca has been quite fantastic to work with but, due to us being in different time zones and the multiple holidays we've been working around the past two months, we've been delayed in our back and forth. So for example, when a change she makes needs another quick modification, this can take days instead of the several hours it would take two people sitting in the same room.

I've also made some mistakes of my own (I just realized that I needed to develop a short bio and book teaser for the back of the book) and therefore, my timeline of a March publication is looking far more accurate. There is still a chance I get the book to print and get it back in February but, I'm now leaning toward March. To say this has been a learning experience would be a gross understatement and something I'll probably talk about at the very end of this whole thing.

So I'm excited but humbled. Not only humbled by the outpouring of support for this book...but humbled by the process I thought would be more "point and click" and less "email email email." Bear with me as we get this to the finish line. I promise it will be worth it!

That was the publishing, here is where we are with distribution. After some thought (and advice from the people I love), I've decided that I'm going to have a book release party once the physical copies of the book come in. This will allow me to meet as many of you that want to come out and hand you your book in person. The date, location and full details will be set once we have a more concrete idea of when the books are arriving.

What does that mean for you?

It means that when I send out a survey in the next few weeks through Kickstarter, I'm going to ask who would be interested in coming to this book release party. If you're interested, I'll be providing all of your rewards at the party itself (along with a teary eyed hug or two). If you're not interested in coming to the party (or simply can't attend due to the logistics), I'll happily send you your books through the mail.

I'll leave it there for now. Thank you so much for everything guys and hopefully, I'll be seeing you all soon!