We did it!

When I started this kickstarter, I sat down and I looked at the numbers and calculated out the things I thought could happen. I needed $3000 which meant, that if all anyone bought from me were the $25 book pledges, I would have needed to get 120 pledges to reach my goal. When I set-up my rewards, I tried to provide a few rewards that would help balance this out and knock me down to around 100 total pledges.

That was based on people getting the $25 pledge tier.

Somehow or another, you have all defied my expectations. Instead of simply pledging $25 or $40 or $50… people pledged $100. People pledged $200. People made me cry. Ugly cry. In public places.

Not only did I surpass the original pledge goal of $3000, I passed my secondary goal of $3500… reaching $3,613. That’s $44.61 a pledge. I didn’t think in my wildest dreams that would be a thing. And it was.

Here is the final breakdown and transparency:

Total pledges: 3,613 from 81 pledges

5% fee from kickstarter: 180.65

3% Credit card processing fee: 108.39

Per pledge fee of .20: 16.20

Amount gained: 3,307.76

Over the course of the next two weeks, these funds will be reviewed by kickstarter and eventually deposited to me. I didn’t realize their was a two week delay, so that will set me back slightly. That said, I’m working with my printer (www.pufferprint.com) to print 250 books. As I had said before, they’ve quoted me at $2,700 to print and ship said books. That turnaround can be between 10-14 days but I’m going to just err on the side of it being longer and say 3 weeks which will place the books in my possession by around late January early February. This was taken into account when I set-up the kickstarter and is actually quicker than I would have gotten them back from other printers.

I am also working with my illustrator on a few very small changes as well as a version of the book for publication on Amazon as a digital book (with the possibility of a print on demand on option).

The additional reward levels will be sent out at the same time as the books themselves and the prices for those will be posted as soon as I get them as well as what the rest of the money from the kickstarter goes to.

I am currently in the process of working on two other books (slowly bu surely) and I’ll provide more details on those as they come to light.

Thank you so much for being here for this ride everyone. What an amazing ride so far!