About Ray Pine

Illustration by Brianna Leigh

This is the bio. On this particular part of the website, you expect to find all sorts of information about me. You might be interested in where I went to school (Holy Family University) and what I received a degree in (Literature). One might be inclined to wonder how I got interested in writing children’s books (my son) or if I have another career outside of writing books (I’m a coffee roaster).

If you really enjoyed my book, you may even be wondering what other things I enjoy doing outside of writing (roasting coffee, listening to music, running, reading, adventuring with my family). If you *really* enjoyed my book, you’re probably saying to yourself, “self, I really wish Ray would give me a few recommendations on things I should try in my life.” (drink your cortado breve, find a job you can run to and from, listen to Hamilton once a day, scream Dio as loudly as possible, glue it all together with love).